ii aka IRC It – the tiniest IRC Client

Today I came across a wonderful IRC Client http://tools.suckless.org/ii/

Install II
Download it from above URL and RTFM to install.

ii -help


ii -i IRCDIR -s irc.freenode.net -m SOMENICK -f FULLNAME &

Use any empty directory name on the place of IRCDIR
“&” will background the process

Now you will get “out” files in IRCDIR . Use “tail -F out” on those files to check what’s going on.

Logging In (for freenode irc)
echo "/j nickserv identify SOMENICK SOMEPASSWD" > IRCDIR/irc.freenode.net/in

Join Channel
echo "/j #CHANNELNAME" > IRCDIR/irc.freenode.net/in

Talk in Channel
echo "SOMEMSG" > IRCDIR/irc.freenode.net/#CHANNELNAME/in

Send Private Message
echo "/privmsg SOMEOTHERNICK SOMEMSG" > IRCDIR/irc.freenode.net/#CHANNELNAME/in

Part / Leave Channel
echo "/l bye" > IRCDIR/irc.freenode.net/#CHANNELNAME/in

Thanks to drewid[rogue]@irc.oftc.net on #ii


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