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bot… me?… not

[16:35] <– dpkg has left this server (Client Quit).
[16:35] <greenmang0> !seems mr. bot has left this server
[16:35] <greenmang0> 🙂
[16:35] <enouf> mine is set to =365 .. i’m a packrat :-p
[16:35] <greenmang0> enouf: 😀
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[16:36] <greenmang0> !mr. bot joined again
[16:36] <JyZyXEL> would be cool to have a tmp purging script in case the feds show up to confiscate your hardware
[16:36] <enouf> !where were you?
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[16:36] <dpkg> I was getting some action with the botchicks! WooYEAH! I got me some NOOKIE!


How to set fqdn (fully qualified domain name) on debian system?

let’s assume our desired fqdn is Now
$ hostname
should display “foobar”
$ hostname -d
should display “”
$ dnsdomainname
should display “”

$ cat /etc/hosts
should have following 2 lines localhost foobar