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tmux – terminal multiplexer – an alternative for screen

I really admire OpenBSD projects. “tmux” aka Terminal Multiplexer is one of them.
Today Vedang Manerikar, my co-worker told me that he uses “tmux” rather than “GNU Screen”. So I decided to try “tmux” and after some googling I found that GNU Screen development has stopped 2 years back and it’s almost a dead project. Whereas “tmux” is actively developed by OpenBSD community. I just spent around 1.5 hours learning the common key-bindings of “tmux”. My 1.5 hours experience says “tmux” is better than “screen”.

The first feature I liked is windows numbering. 1-9 and then it starts with a-z. OTOH “screen” numbers windows from 0-n where n is a number. This way you can not access windows with 10 and onwards easily. But in “tmux” you can as after 9 “tmux” uses alphabets to name windows.

The second feature is “automatically window renaming depending on command” … this is handy where you don’t have to everytime rename a window and saves time.

That’s the quick observation. Will post other interesting features as I find them.